Another Movie in the Mix

I am so lucky I have my muse Amy Webb to guide me. I haven’t been bowled over by my success on So what am I doing wrong? What am I missing on my profile? I know (and not just because Oprah told me so) that I am a valuable human being worthy of being with… so what gives?


One step that Amy took that I decided to take was to check out the plastics.


While I have no proof that the other women are more or less successful than I have been, I decided that I can best determine the next step I needed to take by checking out the competition. I set up a profile for a man looking for women in my age group in my geographic area. What did I notice that was different than me?

1) Most of the women work- there are A LOT of teachers on there! I’m a stay at home mom.


2) These women are blonde and have bigger, whiter smiles than I have. And they have lots of fun friends.

gym class

3) These ladies really like sports. They go to lots of football games!


4) They drink. A LOT.


5) They show a lot more skin than I do, and take more playful pictures.


So what does this data mean to me?


No, I’m not going to change ME. And I’m not going to perform plastic sabotage. But I may change how I present me. I am fun, and I am funny- but I don’t come off that way in my photos. In my quest to be successful, and in all efforts to put the research to proper use, I’ve failed to relay what’s unique about me. I’m not a plastic. I don’t wear pink on Wednesdays. I’m not in a wine club with my blonde friends (I’m a ginger!), and I’m not into the outdoors or football. How do I show that in words or in profile pics? There’s no research for that!


Moral of the story:


*all of these Mean Girl comments are in jest. Tearing down other women isn’t fetch.



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