Who’s Dating?

Hello! I’m E. I’m a mid-30s single mom living in the deep South. Though I’ve been divorced for almost 10 years, I have dated little, and have never ventured into online dating. A tedTalk changed my mind, though, and I’m going to dive in! Something else I’ve never done- blogged!

A little about me- I’m very introverted and pretty private. Putting myself out here ‘on the line’ isn’t like “me” at all. My normal hobbies are spending time with my kid and my dog, starting projects I don’t finish, writing lists, reading books, lurking on the edge of fandoms for Harry Potter and LOTR, going to church, and Netflix.

I invite you to read along, and laugh with me, as I journey through Middle Earth in search for my Frodo- the hobbit with the one ring.

And… if you wanna tell stuff directly to me- holla at me here!


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