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Can’t stands

I wrote in my last¬†post¬†about my Must Haves in a relationship. These are based off of the book Date or Soulmate? by Neil Clark Warren. Similarly, I am going to share the things I Can’t Stand in a relationship, aka “deal breakers.”

As in the last post, I will include the book’s definition of what each of these terms mean. I had trouble coming up with 10 deal-breakers.

1) MY #1 wasn’t in the book. Hunting. I can’t stand to have a partner that hunts. I’ve mentioned before that I’m from the Deep South. Finding a man who doesn’t hunt is a challenge. Luckily hunters, in general, don’t bother to camouflage themselves in general society. At least not here. They certainly don’t try to hide it on match.com. They brag about it, and post their latest “enter number here” point buck.

What a lovely room of death!

2) Vanity- I can’t stand someone who is overly interested in his or her physical appearance. Don’t get me wrong, I want a guy that does care how he looks, but not one that thinks he must look better than me. Tom Cruise- types, stay away!


3) Lying- I can’t stand someone who lies to anyone- especially to me.


4) Cynical- I can’t stand someone who generally sees the world from a cynical perspective.

double hate


5) Angry- I can’t stand someone who can’t manage his or her anger, who yells or bottles it up inside.


6) Fiscally Irresponsible- I can’t stand someone who is incapable of managing his or her money.


7) Racist- I can’t stand someone who believes that any particular ethnic group to which he or she belongs is superior to the rest of humanity.

Racist are gross!
Racist are gross!

8) Cheap- I can’t stand someone who is so tight-fisted as to be impractical.


9) Dependent- I can’t stand someone who bases his or her happiness on me.


10) Political- I can’t stand to date someone whose political goals are the opposite of mine.

TyPinG liKe Dis On FOX NEWS LoLz
TyPinG liKe Dis On FOX NEWS LoLz

I almost wish I had more than 10 Can’t Stands so that I could use more Jim Carrey images and gifs. He’s so funny and expressive. And I also wish the guys without these qualities and WITH the Must Haves would find me and scream, “I LIKE YOU A LOT!”

a lot