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An Unexpected Party

Much like Bilbo, I enjoy my solitary time at home. Also like Bilbo, my inner-most Took is pulling me into the world and into change. My world has been changing and I decided to change with it. My child is in middle school, and gets picked up at 7 am each day, to not return until sometimes as late as 7 pm. I had a frightful vision of myself as “only” a mother, no life of my own, facing emptiness when college comes. I have 7 years until that time comes, but I am so independent, it may take a man 7 years to get me to even consider moving in with him!

Earlier this month, I was watching random Ted Talks. I’m a huge fan of these short, informative speeches, and have learned about everything from hand washing to intimacy. On this particular day, I watched Amy Webb talk about hacking online dating. I was so surprised. Her story was my own! I have been turned off by online dating because I am so picky. I didn’t believe that a website could help me find the nerd of my dreams. Anytime I have glanced through free dating sites, or through profiles shown on my friend’s pages, I’ve been appalled at all the spelling and grammar, shirtless (and toothless) pictures, and general lack of class. She has convinced me, however, it IS possible to make dating websites work FOR you, if you know how to work them.

Unexpectedly, Amy has inspired me to do my homework and get registered. In my post-divorce years I have been active in my church’s singles group. I have done tons of personality profiles and studies, and have read lots of books about dating and how to find your soul mate. The thing the books can’t do is actually find that guy or girl for you. What I have to do now is gather those years worth of¬†information and convert it to data useful on the dating service I choose.